Cabin Layouts

Summit Lodge


The Summit Lodge is located on the Lower Pines side of our retreat facility. It features a standard kitchen, complete with dishes. A cozy common place is furnished with large couches and an operational fireplace. Two full sized bathrooms accommodate the 26 campers the building can sleep. Double and twin size bunk beds are divided amongst the 7 separate bedrooms.

Room Assignment Form

Shepherds Rest .jpg

Speaker's Cabin (VIP)

Speaker's cabins--or VIP--are located on both Upper and Lower Pines sides of the retreat facility. Although all of the cabins differ in size and furnishings,  most of them feature: a full restroom, a kitchen with refrigeration, a common space living room, a double or queen bed outfitted with bedding, additional twin bed with upon requested bedding.

Lower Pines VIP Cabin: Shepherds Rest Upper Pines VIP Cabin: Hostetler House
Upper Pines Facilities

Upper Pines features 14 quaint cabins which sleep 10 campers. Central bathhouses, and meeting facilities are conveniently located. Upper Pines retreat facilities can be rented in conjunction with Lower Pines retreat facilities based on your groups needs or price range.This area of our Christian camp is ideal for summer camps!

Upper Pines Cabin Rosters
Lower Pines Dorms

Lower Pines' dorms sleep 14 to 22 people. These large dormitory style cabins are furnished with twin bunk beds and house several restroom and shower stalls. In conjunction with all Lower Pines cabins, Lower Pines can sleep over 180 campers. Large dorm cabins (Northstar, Ponderosa, and Old Smokey) are divided between "Side A" and "Side B" and can be used independently of one another. 

Lower Pines Small Dorm Rosters Lower Pines Large Dorm Rosters
Hilarides (Downstairs)

Downstairs there is a washer and dryer off of the bathroom, as well as 5 bunk beds, a dining table with chairs near the fire place. 

Hilarides (Upstairs)
Upstairs there is a kitchen with refrigerator, stove, and microwave. Living room has working fire place. Bedrooms sleep a total of 5 people (two on the queen). 
Laurel Lodge

Laurel Lodge has 3 bedrooms and sleeps 2 persons per bedroom. Each room as a private restroom. Room #3 might be unavailable due to infirmary overflow. These rooms are assigned to group leaders.  

Cabin Circle Cabins

Cabins at Cabin Circle sleep between 6-10 people and all have restrooms indoors.