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Rekindle Information

You and your family are invited to Mile High Pine's fundraiser luncheon and reunion for past staff, board members, and volunteers.


Saturday, November 13th, 2021 

Event held at:


Mile High Pines 

42739 State Hwy 38 

Angelus Oaks, CA 92305

What's waiting for your family?

Whether you've worked at camp for a summer or volunteered as a camp counselor we are inviting you to bring your family together and head to our neck of the woods! Our Rekindle event is the perfect time to reunite with camp and friends while enjoying all the fun camp has to offer.


10:30 AM Arrive Early to join the"Stories of Camp Tour"

11:45 AM Doors open for benefit luncheon 

12:15 PM Luncheon begins 

1:30 PM Camp activites, contests, and live music.

3:30 PM Farewell to day only guests 

Weekend in the Woods. 

Come for the Rekindle Event but stay for all the awesome family vacation activities the camp offers. In addition to our exciting reunion event, our weekend schedule features a variety of games, activities, and events for your family to enjoy. 

Family Cabins start at $65 per night. Add a cabin and meals today, space is limited. 


Current Weekend Schedule

Make memorable memories... again! Bring your family to enjoy camp for the first time, or come back to relive the very best of camp. Join us Friday, November 12th to Sunday, November 14th. We are still adding wonderful things to our Rekindle weekend.

Experiences and Activities 

robert stradley.jpg

Robert Stradley is a real life musher. Join him and his dog sled team on Sunday morning for an action packed, hands-on biblical lesson. 

Guest Speaker

Glow Party.jpg

Apex Leadership Co. is hosting an rad Glow Party on Saturday night. Compete in challenges, show off your dance moves, and get your game on with glow in the dark 9 square in the air. 

Glow Party


Zip, zip, zoom! The zipline and rockwall will be open Saturday afternoon. Children as young as 3 can participate. Please bring warm clothes as it may be cold outdoors. 

Rockwall and Zipline

Night Hike_edited.jpg

Night Hike

Walk under the stars and participate in fun experiments. Kids and adults alike will be invited to experience the beauty of the "solo walk."

Sitting by Campfire


Socialize around the fire. If you have little ones, end the night with a few songs and a story. Friends will be welcome to enjoy  casual conversations in at the campfire or Dining Hall. 



Complete your camp stay by joining us for a host of adventurous camp activities. 

What to bring for the weekend stay

  • Bedding - Most of our cabins do not have bedding provided. 

  • Towels and Toiletries - All cabins on Lower Pines have indoor bathrooms, all Upper Pines cabins use a shared bathhouse. Regardless of cabin please bring towels, shampoo, and any other bathroom esstential. 

  • Warm Clothing - November at camp can get very cold. Although it is unlikely that we will have snow or poor weather we do expect for very cold nights.

  • Clothes to play in - Our Rekindle event is not formal. Please wear what you are comfortable in. 

  • Snacks or supplimentary meals - We will be providing all meals throughout the weekend starting with a snack on Friday, 3 meals on Saturday, and a breakfast and snack on Sunday before you depart. However, if you have young children or need to suppliment your food due to a special diet or allergy please feel free to do so. There is a guest fridge in the Summit Lodge and in the Dining Hall. If you have allgeries or dietary restrictions please call 909-794-2824 to coordinate your menu at least two weeks before arrival. Our staff is not a specialized facilty and cannot accommodate all allergies and restrictions. 

Please leave the following at home: 

  • All pets - camp is a pet free facility

  • Alcohol - camp is an alcohol free retreat center 

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