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If you are the Coordinator or Leader of your group, we've got good news! You have come to the right place. Here you will find critical information to help you plan a successful and safe retreat. At the bottom of this page you will find a list of the expectations we have for you during your stay. Please call (909) 794-2824 if you have any questions or concerns in regards to your responsibilities or expectations; we would love to help.

If you are organizing a stay with Alpine Retreat and Camp please visit their site at

Cabin Rosters 

Dear Guest Group Leader, 

The cabin rosters are for your convienance only. You do not need to submit these forms to MHP. Your assigned cabins are listed on your contract and based on your minimum numbers. Please note that your cabins may change based on availability, routine maintenance, or changes in the number of guests or male/female ratio. To receive a list of the most accurate cabins during your stay please call 909-794-2924 with your current camper guest count. 


Lower Pines Cabin Assignments

Sleeps 22: Old Smokey B, Northstar B

Sleeps 20: Ponderosa A

Sleeps 18: Old Smokey A, Northstar A, Ponderosa B

Sleeps 16: Black Oak, Broken Arrow, South Fork


Upper Pines Cabin Assignments

There are a total of 13 Cabins that each sleep 10 campers on 5 bunk beds. 

Summit Lodge.jpg

Summit Lodge

The summit lodge sleeps 19 guests. 

Room A: 1 Queen 

Room B: 1 Queen, 1 Bunk 

Room C: 1 Queen, 2 Bunks 

Room D: 1 Queen 

Room E: 1 Queen, 2 Bunks 

Group of Friends Going on Excursion

General Release Waiver

All Campers Must Sign Before Arrival 

Filled Out By: All camp attendees. 

When: Prior to or at Registration. Must be submitted upon arrival.

Why: This allows us to serve your campers well and allows your campers the ability to participate in activities!

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Prior to Arrival 

Guest Leaders Must Insure the Health of All Campers

Filled Out By: Group Leader(s) and/or your First Aid Representative.

When: Within 24 hrs of your designated arrival date and time. 

Why: Campers should not attend if they have signs or symptoms of contagious illnesses/conditions (e.g. flu, lice). We require Guest Group Leaders to properly screen ALL attendees to ensure the safety and health of everyone. 

Outdoor Portrait with Mask

COVID Notice

All Campers or Guardians of Campers Must Complete this waiver before arrival. 

Filled our by: Campers 18 years or older, or the parent(s) of minor campers. 

When: prior to arrival or upon arrival. 

Why: Campers should not attend if they have any signs or symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. While Camp strives to provide clean, safe environments, there are risks of contracting the virus while interacting with other persons while at camp. This form insures you acknowledge those risks.  


Dietary Forms

Guest Group Leadership is responsible for reporting all dietary needs or food allergies. 

Completed By: One guest group leader for the entire group. 

When: 2 weeks prior to arrival. 

Why: Camp is not able to provide for all dietary restrictions or allergies. It is important for us to ensure that all campers are prepared for their dining experience. 

First Aid Kit

First Aid Provider

Guest Groups are required to provide their own first aid kit and responsible party depending on the needs of your group we recommend an EMT or nurse. However parent(s), or designated persons familiar with CPR and basic first aid training may be sufficient.

Read By: The designated First Aid Representative for your group (i.e. the person responsible for providing First Aid at camp during your stay.)

When: Expectations should be read in advance so the First Aid Representative understand his/her role and can prepare with First Aid supplies.

Why: The Guidelines will help us ensure safe practices in the provision of care to all campers.

Medical Forms
Cabin Rosters


Download the camp map here. 

MHP Camp Map.jpeg
Important Documents: Inner_about


It is the Guest Group Leader(s) responsibility to inform and enforce these expectations.

  1. Please keep all buildings and grounds clean at all times.

  2. Alcoholic beverages and/or illicit drugs are prohibited.

  3. Smoking is allowed in approved areas only. No smoking in any buildings. 

  4. No pets or other animals allowed.

  5. Modest clothing should be worn at ALL times. Approved swimsuits are required for all who desire to use the pool. No cut-off shorts, pants, colored t-shirts or inappropriate swimwear will be allowed in the pool.

  6. For your safety, sturdy footwear is to be worn at all times with the exception of the pool and volleyball area.

  7. Guest groups are recommended to provide 1 Counselor per 8 youth for all youth retreats.

  8. All lost items are to be turned in to Mile High Pines' Main Office or to the Camp Host. Unclaimed items will be disposed of after 7 days. Mile High Pines is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  9.  Sprint, Verizon and AT&T service providers all have reception at Mile High Pines. In case of emergency only you may be allowed to use the camp phones.

  10. To maintain a quiet atmosphere noise curfew will be observed from 11pm to 7am. The use of the facilities, other than your meeting room or lodging, is prohibited after 11pm unless approved in advance by the Camp Host. 

  11. In an effort to conserve energy please turn off lights whenever possible.

  12. Mile High Pines has recreation equipment available for your use. It is located in the storage bins by the basketball court and outside the Pine Center.  

  13. The cost of missing or damaged property will be added to the Guest Group's final bill.

  14. No food, drink, or service ware is to be taken out of the Dining Hall.

  15. Mile High Pines is a walking facility. The only exceptions are to the elderly or disabled. When arriving and departing, all passengers must be seated inside vehicles. No hanging outside of a vehicle at any time.  

  16. Open flames are not allowed on Mile High Pines property, other than the amphitheater fire pit. We do not allow roasting marshmallows inside any of our buildings.  

  17. Red punch is not allowed anywhere on the Mile High Pines premises.

  18. Please do not attach anything to the walls at Mile High Pines unless using Blue Tape. The use of glitter or glue is not permitted inside buildings.

  19. In case of an emergency that is not life threatening, notify your Group Leader(s) or First Aid Representative. In a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

  20. If your group will be doing arts and crafts please arrange that with the camp Guest Services Manager to discuss location and clean-up.

  21. Dyed powder or color powder is not allowed on camp. These powders stain the showers and artificial grass field, and are harmful to the environment. 

  22. The office copy machine is available for emergencies, copies are 5 cents per sheet.  

  23. Parents should be given the contact phone number of the Group Leader(s) at camp or an online event page, as our camp office personnel cannot typically speak to the wellness of a student or the general schedule of our Guest Group campers. Parents should be informed in advance that they cannot call the office to speak to their child.

  24. Furniture, mattresses, or bedding may not be moved outside of buildings or from one building to the next. If a camper forgot something, contact the Camp Host to see if Mile High Pines can provide you with spares. 

  25. Anything that you move around within a building, must be returned to its original place before departure. Including hanging quilts, sofas, tables, and bunk-beds. 

Camp Rules
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