• 2016 Missionary Team

Hospital Outreach in Malawi

Today our team, along side some of the staff and volunteers from the Passion Center visited the children's ward of the community hospital here in Zomba.

Experiencing the conditions of the hospital were overwhelming to say the least. Each ward contained approximately 50 beds lined up in sections of 6. It was an open room containing no privacy or separation for the patients and their families. Those who come to the hospital may have to wait 5-7 days before receiving treatment, as the doctors are not available on a daily basis. Because of this the families who come to stay with the patients must supply and prepare their own meals throughout the duration of the visit. And as for the sanitation standards, it doesn't come close to those in America.

As we entered the hospital we were taken to the first ward where a pastor from the Passion Center stood and preached the gospel to the children and their families. An alter call was given and many adults raised their hands to receive Christ. We were taken to a second ward and there too gave the gospel message and an invitation, and several more received Christ. Then, our team and the Passion Center passed out bags of food, which were prepared before hand, to each child and their family. After and perhaps more importantly, our teams split up and went to each bedside of families asking for prayer. Some of the Americans had translators from the Passion Center and others did not. Regardless, we were able to pray for each child and his or her family. It didn't seem to matter that the children and their families couldn't understand our language. They wanted the prayer we had to offer. Our team left the hospital heavy hearted, but trusting in God's hope, mercy and peace the surpasses all understanding.

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