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Among the witnesses who emphasised to us the wide effect of gambling- related harms, and the danger of overlooking them, were Dr James Banks, whose research highlighted how family members “experience significant and sustained gambling-related harm across multiple domains Family members highlight how they need help and support to assist in both addressing their loved one’s problem gambling and their own needs.”

Dr Wardle explained how “prevalence rates of problem gambling … are measuring problem gambling in terms of clinical symptoms and behaviours rather than the harms (and distress) experienced among the wider population … . Review of problem gambling screening instruments show they do not capture this broader range of harms simply because they do not ask about them all.”

Professor Orford told us that “In the 2010 British Gambling Prevalence Survey 3.8% said Yes to the question: In the last 12 months, has any close relative of yours (including partner) had a gambling problem? That gives an estimate of over one and a half million people in the country as a whole, and it excludes children under 16 with parents with gambling problems.”

Markus Weber

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