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There was no promo for camp, just an Earthball and Jesus.

Day two began early with a team from Mile High Pines Camp and Palomar Camp rolling a 4ft earth ball through the villages to attract local children to our temporary day camp location. 200 children followed and we were able through Chase H. (from Palomar) and translator to give the gospel message. Much of the day was spent singing camp songs, playing field games, and making crafts.

In the afternoon a missions BMX team from the USA joined us. By this time over 300 people had gathered. During their stunt presentation one BMX-er gave their testimony and once again the gospel message was given and over 30 children have their hearts to Christ. Immediately following our team put on a carnival for the kids. It's safe to say this was the highlight for the locals drawing over 600 people to the field. Seeing the children overjoyed by the simple things we take for granted like a small of piece of candy or a balloon was surprising and humbling. We can't wait to put on another camp tomorrow at a new location.