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Running Camp in Africa, and Child-Headed Households

Camp in Malawi

Today we split into two groups. Group 1 decided to visit James, an 18 year old boy who is a part of the child headed households program with the Passion Center. James was orphaned at 8 years old. At that moment he became the provider for his 3 younger siblings (ages 7, 4 and 2). Years later, the Passion Center was made aware of this situation. If a person leaves their home they also leave the claim to the land and their standing in the community; As much as they are able, the Passion Center will equip children to provide for their families in their home, instead of bringing them to the orphanage. James is now 18 years old, his home has been rebuilt and the Passion Center provides him and his siblings with shoes, food, school tuition, books and a school uniform.

Team 2 (Camp staff from MHP, Palomar and Indian Hills) along with some local Volunteers connected with the Passion Center, headed over to a remote village named Jali. We ran day camp and once again attracted locals by rolling the earth ball through the village. Approximately 200-300 children and families showed up. Even though we facilitated the same activities as yesterday our team immediately felt the difference in these villagers from the towns people. The children were less familiar with azungus (white folk), so they were more reserved at first. However, today was a more family and community based atmosphere which allowed us to join in and connect in greater ways. We were able to dance and enjoy less organized activities with the families, allowing us to build relationships with villagers. At the end of the day we gave an alter call and 200 kids accepted Christ. Amen!