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One Year At Tautona

It was just a year ago that Mile High Pines acquired Camp Tautona.

"Mile High Pine's has been fortunate to grow exponentially these past few years thanks God's provisions with both serving guest groups and with our CODES program. During this past year, the biggest challenge has been that with growth comes the need for more staff and with that staff housing. While Mile High Pines was seeking to fill the need for staff, something much better presented itself. Camp Tautona, a camp less than 1/4 mile from Upper Pines became available for sale. Mile High Pine's has since purchased it. Not only does it provide the immediate need for more staff housing, but it also provides a new location for discovery learning center for our outdoor science camps. The camp which boasts of 7 acres, 3 staff houses, 4 bathhouses, and a dining hall not only exceeds our immediate needs, but as God often does, it also provides more opportunities to grow in the future. “

What has happened since then?

1. One of the buildings at camp had been torn down to the studs when we purchased the camp, since then, we have completely remodeled it to become a male staff dorm. The remodel provided 7 additional spaces for seasonal and full time guys.

2. The Dining Hall has now been turned into our Discovery Center, it is now a great location where students can come to learn about mammals, reptiles, and birds! We also use the Discovery Center for our Summer of Service Program, each week this building transforms into the perfect location that has been used for Chapel services and wacky group games.

3. The Pavillion has become an unexpected location for guest groups during the day. We have used it as a location for instruction during outdoor ed. But more recently, we have used it for a women’s tea party.

4. Recently, camp has formed a task force to begin planning and praying about the potential use for camp Tautona. While the camp bathhouse facilities the only sleeping spaces for guests are small metal shanties that appear to be more like sheds than cabins. To make matters even worse, the shanties are in poor condition, fallen down, or were completely discarded. It is our hope that the task force would develop plans to make this camp usable for overnight guests.