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Sharing the Gospel without Words: A Staff Story

I often think of the quote, “Share the gospel at all times, and when necessary use words.” That is the way I would like each and every kid to be able to see me. Each week I pray that these kids see Jesus in and through me so evidently and that they wonder why I’m so different and begin to ask questions. Many times, I serve and I know that I may be the only version of Jesus some people see and I want to display God’s authentic love. I was given an opportunity to do exactly this with a young camper around 12 years old. Nearing the end of camp, he told me that this experience had such a major impact on him that he wants to come back and work here when he grows up. His main reason for wanting to work here? Because all the staff members are joyful and happy! This was an incredibly humbling and fulfilling thing to hear. He then shared with me that his brother was in and out of jail as well as on and off drugs. It was the perfect opportunity to reminded him to not get into that kind of lifestyle so that he can come back and work here. It was incredibly fulfilling to know that campers can see the love of Christ through us. But more important to know that we are called to encourage everyone we serve away from a path of destruction and into God’s grace and love. The visible changes in him and other kids are awesome to see, and make this ministry my passion.