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Out of Their Comfort Zone: A Staff Story

It was day two at Rockwall and I had a troublemaker on my trail. He wanted to give up, but I pushed him to go further. Eventually he made it all the way to the top. He came back down and said to me, “That was the best thing I’ve ever done! Thanks for letting me go and pushing me to go further than I wanted to go!” From that moment on, I saw a complete turnaround. He started believing in himself. It was inspiring to see. I used to be scared to push kids out of their comfort zones, but now I motivate kids to achieve more. The things we may see as insignificant can be life changing. It just takes one person to motivate you to achieve the impossible. I hope that I help these kids have confidence to overcome any circumstances they may face.

-Dani is a Naturalist and Cabin Leader with our Outdoor Science Program in our school season.