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Getting On Their Level: A Staff Story

“I’ll never forget this one child on this particular week. He was an introverted, troubled kid who liked to hang out in the back of the trail group, but was very disruptive in all the classes. During night hike that week, he was being disrespectful and extremely disruptive. I was just about to reprimand him, once again, when I felt the leading to talk about constellations. He immediately became interested and perked up. From that moment on, he became more willing to learn and participate on all the trails – finding a passion in something he once was disinterested in before. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to take the time to stop and analyze situations. I’ve learned many things in my time here at camp, but I believe some of the greatest impacting moments are when the children teach me. From this, I’ve learned that even if there’s a kid who is troubled, it’s important to get on their level

and try different approaches to get them to open up and learn. This moment has forever changed me and I know it has certainly impacted him for life.”

Ami Murray has worked for camp in seasonal departments these past 3 years. In that time, Ami has spent most of her time working with the CODES science programs.