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Hosting Church in Malawi

After a long week of travel and ministry all week, our team had a refreshing Sunday morning spent in beautiful fellowship with the brethren of Mulunguzi Community Church. Missionary Chris, who moved to Malawi from Ohio in January, taught Sunday School. We enjoyed the spirited worship songs of the Malawians and learned new songs and sang old hymns in English and Chichewa. Our team was given the opportunity to lead worship and didn't miss the opportunity to share classic camp worship songs, hand motions and all. Josh from Indian Hills Camp surprised the congregation with a Chichewa song. Micah from Camp Palomar taught us the Word, interpreted by Pastor Pilira Chebwana. After church, Passion Center staff and the American team had lunch at the local hot spot Tasty Bites. The late afternoon was spent leisurely either playing basket ball, walks amongst the baboons on the plateau, or shopping the open air craft market. Ending a perfect day with a nsema dinner made by our hosts Joseph and Peter.