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Malawi 2018

Saturday- We went to the passion center and toured and then a sustainable farm that they grow crops at and employee people in Malawi.

Sunday- We went to church and then played basketball and soccer with some kids at a school

Monday- We went to a village and shared the love of Jesus with kids under 5 years old in a class and gave them snacks and balloons and sang songs. And then we went to a school and did camp in a bag there with the kids

The 2018 Malawi Team From left to right: Victor De Leon, Caitlyn Valencia, Gaberial Valencia, Kayla Maness, Sam Betts, and Valereye Staley

Handing balloon animals to kids from a child headed household

This is a field where a new way to farm crops has been introduced, and is creating jobs and housing for multiple families.

A beautiful view from the plateau, Malawi's second tallest mountain.

Inside of Mulanguzie church on Sunday morning

Walking through Mulanguzie elementary school, the students are all in class. If they weren't these three men would be overwhelmed with eager Malawian children.

PHONE: (909) 794-2824

FAX: (909) 794-8884

Mile High Pines Camp

ATTN: Child's Name, Group Name

P.O. Box 397 

Angelus Oaks, CA 92305

 This establishment provides services, accommodations, and privileges regardless of race, color, creed, sex, religion, age or national origin. Persons are employed on equal basis to operate, maintain, or construct facilities for your enjoyment.