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Seventy-four Years Old and Still Standing Tall

In the 1950’s the average age of a S&P 500 company was in business for 60 years compared to less than 20 years today. And, surprisingly, companies have the same mortality rate regardless of how established they are or what they do. It is not so in the realm of Camps, next year Mile High Pines will celebrate a milestone 75 years of ministry. Perhaps it is because camps in general, and Mile High Pines in particular, were not started as a for profit business venture. Instead, it was a response of obedience to God’s vision to provide a place where young people could enjoy an environment far removed from the busyness of the world. A place where God can make Himself known to those who seek Him, and the unsuspecting few who would encounter Him here.

The concept of MHP Camp was first written on the heart of Ethel Hartsell, a member of Rees Memorial Church in Pasadena. In 1945, MHP was established as a non-profit youth camp and granted a renewable 99-year lease by the San Bernardino National Forest. In the 1960’s, need for capital improvement funding nearly closed the camp. Faithful visionaries like Paul and Ruth Green, Daniel Chamberlain, Alvin Burkholder, Abner Haldeman, Virgil Feaster, and Ben Lenhert, amongst others, made a way to save the camp for future generations. The Wesleyan Church joined forces with the Brethren in Christ, and a new chapter in MHP’s history began.

Today camp is thriving, with over ten-thousand guests who visits our camp each year, throughout summer and weekend retreats, and elementary students attending our C.O.D.E.S. Outdoor Science Camp mid-week from October through May. Staff and Board members have traveled across the globe to take the camp experience to orphans, assist widows, and encourage the church in Malawi, Africa.

We wanted to present you with a snapshot of how got here and share with you the continual exciting news that happens at camp. MHP is healthy today because of the many faithful visionaries decades ago. We are grateful for volunteers who invest their time to repair camp. Equally grateful to a Board who allots generously to our scholarship fund so that youth with financial needs can come to camp. We thank you and ask God to bless if you were once a part of the initial vision, if you have participated in the past, or currently participate in the great work of this mission through your prayers, time and gifts. We hope you will join us in any way the Lord leads you, as MHP continues in obedience and as the Holy Spirit writes His story on the hearts of the next generation.

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