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When Will Camp Open Again?

Dear Friends of Mile High Pines Camp,

For the past twenty-one years as Director of Mile High Pines, I've enjoyed the lively sounds of hundreds of campers all summer long. I rose each day to kids talking, laughing and happily yelling all over camp. Songs around the campfire were a perfect end to a busy camp day. However, in this Covid era, camp is eerily quiet except for the Mountain Chikadee. No screams from kids on the zip-line, no splashing in the swimming pool, no endless stream of cars and buses coming and going, no smoked bar-b-que smell permeating the grounds coming from the Dining Hall. The hardest part of this unique, quiet summer is the missed opportunities of camp in camper’s lives: friendships formed and strengthened, discoveries of the beautiful creation all about them, the lifelong memories of shared experiences, or the life changing impact that God works in this special setting. We miss camp!

As the saying goes, “every cloud has a silver lining,” so we asked the Lord to help us have a vision of how to use this cloudy time wisely. Camp has had a non-stop busy calendar for over a decade, with the sudden halt of camp, we found ourselves with the opportunity to give uninterrupted attention to camp spaces. We tackled the busiest hub of camp, the Dining Hall. Since you've been gone we've improved and modified our kitchen service area to meet the newly enhanced food service guidelines. As well as other areas of camp. Some of you may enjoy discovering all the changes large and small, so we won't share all of our secrets here but we'd love to hear back from you when you do return to camp.

We are often asked, “When will camp be open again?” Unfortunately, we can't answer this question but can say that we are exploring alternatives to the way we serve campers. Concepts like mobile camp and individual family experiences are being discussed with staff and other agencies to assure we can serve you legally and safely. Check our Facebook page for exciting updates. If you feel inclined to support camp financially, please make your way over to our donations page. Please join us in prayer as we seek creative ways to keep camp going strong.

In His Grip,

Gabe Valencia