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Our Response to COVID-19

Have you been overwhelmed by the amount of information associated with COVID-19? We certainly have. Since mid-March, we have done our best to stay informed with news, changes, and lots and lots of Zoom video calls trying to answer the question: How do we navigate what comes next? Through it all, we want you to know we have been thinking and praying for you-- our group leaders and campers. We understand that these unprecedented times have not only taken its toll on camp but also the churches, schools, organizations and campers we serve. We feel the pressures too, we want you to know we are here for you.

MHP and a collective of camps have been working with local and national authorities, to make plans for what happens after “Stay at Home” orders are lifted. We will share the changes that we have instituted at camp with you at that time. If you have not done so already, please sign up for the newsletter to ensure you are receiving updates.

The Christian Camp and Conference Association’s research partner, Sacred Playground, sampled parents about whether or not they intended to send their children to summer camp this year: An overwhelming 74% indicated that they are willing to send their kids to camp again. With many parents noting that camp would be a healthy break from isolation and virtual schooling. Confirming what we already believe: Camp is important not only because it changes lives, but because of the positive social interactions that happen here. We are happy to hear that many of our summer groups plan on coming to camp this summer if the order is lifted.

Camp closed its doors on March 13th. As a result, we furloughed the majority of our staff and reduced hours for those who remain. We appreciate your prayers and trust that God will provide for camp. How can we pray with you? Please drop us a private message, email or give us a call to let us know how we can lift you up. We are in this together.