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Grow, Play, Serve

Summer of Service


What is the Summer of Service Program?

What does a typical week look like? 

Lodging and Community

Work Options During the Day

Year Round Opportunities 


What is the Summer of Service Program? 

More than just a summer job...

Every summer we hire a small team of dedicated employees to serve our guest groups. In this full-time ministry employment opportunity you will also receive a camping experience of your own. 

The summer of service program will allow you to thrive in a community of like-minded believers, grow in your faith with topical biblical lessons, and let loose with community events and competitions. 

What does a typical week look like? 

Sunday chapel

Every Sunday evening, the staff will stop for a time of worship. We invite a local pastor, board member, or past staffer to share a biblical message that connects to our summer theme. 

Chill Nights

When you arrive, you will discover your chill team for the season. Together, you will compete against other teams in scavenger hunts, dance battles, or contests. 

Daily Devotions

Every day at 10 AM. Employees gather in the Dining Hall to hear a 15 minute devotional, learn the best ways to serve our guest group that day. 

Community events

Some years this may look like a time for men and women to gather for an encouraging word. Other years, we have spent time in life group / home studies. Either way its a great time to fellowship, break bread and dive into God's word. 

What is Summer of Service
Typical Week

Lodging and Community 

Staff housing vary's. If you would like to know more about your specific accommodation please contact our office. Most housing includes, shared rooms with bunkbeds, closets, kitchens or kitchenettes, access to a washer/dryer, living space, and bathrooms. 

You will be living with like-minded people of the same gender for the whole summer. Since it is a shared space, we ask for you to bring only the essential items like clothes, bedding, and toiletries. Personal items like books, games, or an instrument are encouraged as space permits.. 


Choose Food Service

You can apply for 1 of 2 positions during the summer of service. Kitchen or A-Team. 

The Food Service Team has the opportunity to serve 300 guests 3X a day. In addition to learning some hands-on culinary skills, you will serve guests in a practical way. 

Staff that chooses the food service department will work very closely with a small team. 

— Name, Title

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Or the A-Team

You can apply for 1 of 2 positions during the summer of service program. Kitchen or A-Team. 

What does the A in A-Team stand for? Adventure, Available, and Attentive... 

Adventure: The A-Team run all of the activities at camp. You will become a life guard, rockwall /Zipline instructor, archery instructor, lake hike guide, and boating expert. 

Available: When activities aren't running you will be available to the biggest needs. Including housekeeping, maintenance, dish washing and groundskeeping. 

Attentive: You will be the people in charge of ensuring all guest group needs are met. We anticipate our guests needs and serve before being asked. 

Mile High Pines hires both seasonal and year-round employees for our CODES school program. To find out more information go to the Join the Team page.

Job Positions
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